For some people, the first time doing something doesn't work out the way it's supposed to. Riding a bike, asking someone out on a date, changing out a dead battery, and not installing the positive and negative terminals correctly so the electrical system fries in your first car. Yeah, that one happened to me.

There's a lady in Australia who had one of the biggest cases of beginner's luck that I have heard of. She played the lottery for the first time and won $50 million Australian dollars or around $35 million US dollars.

The woman from Sydney told officials from The Lott that she was on vacation at Sussex Inlet. Her friend called saying that a lottery ticket purchased at a nearby store had won Tuesday's Oz Lotto jackpot.

The winner "jumped online and checked my ticket." She was shaking and couldn't believe that the winning ticket was in her hand.

She thanked a huge case of "beginner's luck" for her win. She told officials, "This is the first lottery ticket I've ever bought in my life. I've never played Oz Lotto before. I walked past the news agency (store) and thought it would be a bit of fun to enter, so I did!"

She is still struggling to come to terms with the life-changing win and would need to take some time to decide how she will enjoy her prize.

“I have no idea right now,” she laughed. “Honestly, I cannot think straight."

She plans to keep working.

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