Am I a bad person? Lazy person? Is there any award for the person who has their Christmas tree up the longest and if so did I win?

I was laying on my couch in my living room last week and looked in the corner and realized my Christmas tree is still there.

I wondered if there is official tree etiquette or a timeline of how soon the tree can go up every year and how soon it should be put away.

The tree in my house is obviously a fake one we drag out every year other wise it would have disintegrated into a pile of pine needle dust by now.

Is my tree the last tree standing from the 2018 Christmas season and if it is I am wondering where I can claim my trophy?

I thought about taking it down once I noticed it and instead opted out for plugging the lights in.

Here we are March 9th and the tree is still smiling at me in the corner of the room while I write this.

Maybe I will save the time of dragging the tree box and decoration tubs and just leave it there for 2019.

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