So, how much poop do two rabbits produce? You may want to ask Penny, the amazing pooping Great Dane who lives at our house. When we let her out, she goes right there, to this amazing bunny drop zone, and starts dining on what she would lead you to believe is a gourmet meal.

I don't mind a rabbit here or there, but this year we seem to have a surplus. Luckily we installed a new fence this past year, otherwise, this dog would be somewhere between Hartford and Kimball chasing little furbabies. Instead, she spends a lot of her time in the backyard, cleaning up after Wanda and Wally Wabbit.

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Have you ever wondered what compels your Buford to eat rabbit poop? As it turns out, many dog owners ask that same question every day. According to k9ofmine, it may be what killed the cat that gets the best of them.

Curiosity. Humans tend to explore our world via our sense of sight, but dogs tend to use their senses of taste and smell instead. So, when they encounter a small pile of rabbit poop, they give it a taste.

So, what would I suggest you do, if Rover or Molly is spotted lapping up these little Milk Dud-like delights? Let them. If they don't want to come right in, because they're at the buffet line along your vinal fence, I would suggest that you give them a little time. The other morning I noticed Penny, doing 'Rabbit Cleanup' and within seconds I heard the 'who could miss that sound' of a dog hurling in the back yard. Now the rabbits have something to explore.

Thank you for sharing this hard-hitting, non-news story with your dog-loving friends. You know, the ones that come home late, with rabbit poop on their breath.

Now, this is where you go to the comment section on Facebook and make a cutting comment on the fact that I need to trim along the fence. I did, right after I snapped the picture.

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