My wife and I went to McDonald's in Sioux Falls over the weekend and I was pleasantly surprised to see the McRib is back. That was good news because I hadn't had one since 2020.

In recent years McDonald's has been bringing back the shaped rib patty sandwich nationwide around the beginning of November, but something is different about its return this year.

Chuck Wood
Chuck Wood

While we were waiting for our food, my wife said she heard that this is the "farewell tour" for the McRib. I was shocked; would McDonald's really kill off the McRib for good? Why would they do this when it has a huge fanbase of people anxiously waiting for its return? There's even a McRib locator website dedicated to reporting sightings nationwide. There's no way they would kill off this extremely popular sandwich.

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Turns out my speculation seems to be warranted. After a quick search, I found out that McDonald's has done "farewell tours" in 2005, 2006, and 2007. Business Insider reports that McDonald's CEO Chris Kempczinski calls the "farewell tour" a call to action letting customers know that they might have to wait to get it again.

So is McRib going to retire? Well if it retires like Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, and Brett Farve then I'm sure we will see the sandwich come back. It seems that the company is having some fun with its fanbase while creating a little controversy at the same time. And it's working because this article is feeding into the buzz.

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