If you really have a passion for pumpkin patches or pumpkin spice lattes, then fall is the perfect season to satisfy your pumpkin soul.

There are plenty of ways to celebrate fall and pumpkins throughout the state of South Dakota, especially in the Sioux Falls area. However, despite all its pumpkin treats and activities, Sioux Falls is apparently one of the worst cities for pumpkin lovers.

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The website LawnStarter found the 2022’s Best Cities for Pumpkin Lovers in its annual survey.  LawnStarter "compared the 200 biggest U.S. cities based on seven pumpkin-friendliness factors. We (LawnStarter) looked for cities with easy access to pumpkin patches, pumpkin treats and beverages, and pumpkin-related events." LawnStarter even provides some fun facts about pumpkins. For example, Illinois farmers in 2021 produced 652 million pounds of pumpkin.

So where does Sioux Falls rank in the 2022’s Best Cities for Pumpkin Lovers? Not very high I'm afraid. Sioux Falls is the #156 best city for pumpkin lovers based on the results from LawnStarter. Apparently, Sioux Falls does not offer many pumpkin-related activities, pumpkin treats, or pumpkin brews to celebrate people's love for pumpkins.

Surprisingly, there are not very many midwestern cities and states in the top 20 of the 2022’s Best Cities for Pumpkin Lovers from LawnStarter. Here's the list:

  1. Portland, Oregon
  2. Los Angeles, California
  3. New York, New York
  4. Miami, Florida
  5. Seattle, Washington
  6. Worcester, Massachusetts
  7. Las Vegas, Nevada
  8. Chicago, Illinois
  9. Aurora, Illinois
  10. San Diego, California
  11. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  12. Dallas, Texas
  13. Peoria, Arizona
  14. Tempe, Arizona
  15. Phoenix, Arizona
  16. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  17. San Francisco, California
  18. Mesa, Arizona
  19. Glendale, Arizona
  20. Chandler, Arizona

Looks like the best cities for pumpkin lovers are located in Arizona and California. If you're still looking for some pumpkin fun in the Sioux Empire, click here.

The Coldest Temperatures in Sioux Falls History

When a polar vortex rolls through Sioux Falls, it can get even the heartiest dreaming of indoor fires, baking, and hot chocolate.

Mr. Bendo is tough enough but for the love of Pete, someone put a scarf on the Statue of David!

All this icy chatter had us wondering about the coldest days ever recorded in Sioux Falls. Here is the historical data from the National Weather Service with the coldest temps ever recorded in Sioux Falls since record-keeping began in 1893.

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