Is Costco getting into the Crispy Chicken Sandwich wars? Popeyes Chicken has been open in Sioux Falls for a few years. They kicked off a national Crispy Chicken Sandwich craze.

The Popeye Crispy Chicken sandwich became available in Sioux Falls around 2019. Since then many other restaurants have added their own version of the Crispy burger.

Both McDonald's and Kentucky Fried Chicken have added a Crispy Chic Sand to their menus. KFC says they are selling more than twice the volume of the new chicken sandwich as compared with past versions.

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McDonald’s started marketing their Crispy Chicken Sandwich in February and they report folks are lovin' it! McDonald's reports they are selling an average of 262 chicken sandwiches per day per location which is better than their expectations.

So is Costco getting in on the Crispy Chicken Sammy action? A Tik Tok video posted on Costcodeals would predict they are doing just that. The post states... "What!!!! Looks like this is in Vancouver BC Canada?￰゚Why is this not in the states?!!!?! NEED TO TRY! all the international Costco’s get all the good stuff!"

There is no word at this time if we will see the Costco Crispy Chicken Sandwich available at the food court in the Sioux Falls Costco store...but I sure hope so!

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