Imagine owning something for 150 years.

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With the average life expectancy, we probably won’t be able to personally own anything for 150 years but there are other ways around that.

Over three hundred farmers in Iowa celebrated having farmland in their families for over 100 and 150 years of operation at the Iowa State Fair.  Harrison Farms from Fayette County was one of the many farms that were recognized for being a Heritage Farm at this year’s ceremony, meaning they have been operating for over 150 years.

Heritage Farms
Heritage Farms

John and Barbara are siblings that own the land together. After receiving their certificate and sign, John couldn’t help but think of the history the land represents.

This is something- I just wonder what my great grandfather would think about something like this. He came out here from Ohio and bought part of the farm and then pass it on to his son than to my dad and onto my brothers.

Both John and Barbara grew up on the farm. Barbara explains that growing up on a farm had its share of hard work.

You learn responsibility and hard work. We had chores, you know, morning and evening and it is a dairy farm, we took very few vacations.

Today, Barbara and John rent out the land to a local farmer in their area who takes care of the land and crops.

And for any farmer that’s just starting in agriculture or not quite at the 150-year mark, John says to just hang in there.

There's going to be some good time. There are going to be some bad times and usually, the good times outweigh the bad times.

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