When the 43rd season of the long-running CBS reality show Survivor returns this fall, the guy portraying himself as the 'Crazy Hawaiian' is actually a native of Iowa.

35-year-old Cody Assenmacher is originally from the tiny Eastern Iowa town of Preston - population 1.013.

Years ago, he uprooted his life and relocated to Hawaii, where he's now in elevator sales in Honolulu.

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Cody Assenmacher - Survivor 43

Cody will be one of 18 new castaways vying for the $1 million grand prize, when the season begins with a two-hour show, Wednesday, September 21.

According to CBS, Cody will start the season as a member of the six-person Vesi tribe.

The network is billing this season as a 'new chapter with thrilling elements'.

In an interview with Parade, Cody said he's modeling his game play after three-time contestant Malcolm Freberg, who finished fourth in Season 25 (2012), ninth in Season 26 (2013), and was the fourth cast member voted out in Season 34 (2017).

So what are his chances of winning?

The 'experts' at Rob Has a Podcast talk about what to expect from Cody, including his butt tattoo and the radical hairstyle he's planning for the show:

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