November is not officially winter, but this year South Dakota along with most of the nation is getting an early winter blast.  

Believe it or not, Sioux Falls specifically is probably due for a chilly November looking at the weather trends from Novembers past.

According to the National Weather Service, so far in November 2014 the average high temperature is 39 degrees (4 below normal) and the average low is 21 (2 under the standard) with half the month left.

Compare that with the previous five Novembers where the average high temp has ranged from +1 degree in comparison to normal in 2013 to beating the norm by 10 degrees in 2009.  The last November in which the average high colder than normal was in 2003 when for the month the average high was 41.  A normal November in Sioux Falls is 43 degrees for the average high and the normal low is 23.

Here’s hoping for a December thaw.