Ever since I saw the movie E.T. as a kid I have scanned the skies looking for galaxy cruising saucers.

The X Files in me was excited for about 30 seconds yesterday when the pictures came to my phone from a friend.

I almost pulled out the Bat Phone and dialed up agent Mulder, and Scully to have them come to Sioux Falls and solve the riddle in the sky.

I may have been slightly premature in my full blown saucer excitement, but as I type this I am wearing a big foot t-shirt, and the Loch Ness Monster swims in my heart.

After closer scientific examination of the picture I realized I was looking at the Good Year Blimp flying over the city of Sioux Falls.

I didn't do much fact checking, or bounce the picture off the reality portion of my mind before I started sending the picture out.

I'm sure the slightly warped information, has a familiar feel to the rest of the stuff floating around the internet.

I will keep my eyes on the sky until I receive a mission from the Last Star Fighters out there.

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