56-year-old Donna Crane tested positive for COVID just days after receiving her Johnson & Johnson vaccine. After 10 days of her home quarantine, Donna wasn't able to breathe. Her husband Gary took her to the hospital where she was immediately admitted and taken to the intensive care unit because her oxygen levels were so low. That was the last time the two saw each other because he wasn't allowed to go back with her.

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As a result of COVID, Donna was diagnosed with double pneumonia. Gary told Good Morning America, "It was really rough on both of us. It was the last I saw her for ten days. That was the hardest part -- just not knowing. I would call the nurses and they could only give me basic stuff like her vitals."

Because he wasn't able to be in the hospital, Gary showed up in another way. He made a sign that read "I love you" and for the next ten days, every morning he would stand in the parking lot and held the sign up outside of Donna's window so she could see him and the sign.

Gary texted Donna to look out her window, and when she first saw him, she started bawling. Donna told Good Morning America"My nurses were very sweet but they didn't replace my Gary. Gary coming with a sign every day to tell me he loves me was amazing. He was doing everything in his power to be there."

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