Many parts of eastern Iowa were treated to a pretty massive thunderstorm this past Sunday, May 7, 2023. Depending on your location, you might've only witnessed some rain and a few loud thunderclaps, other parts of the Hawkeye state dealt with a lot more.

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There were parts of Iowa that saw anywhere from 70 mph to 95 mph winds and thousands of Iowans lost power during the storms on Sunday. KCRG reports that Amana Elementary sustained roof damage and Central Iowa was treated to massive-sized hail. Mount Pleasant had multiple trees down blocking roadways/city streets and Coralville has a marina that will now need to be repaired.

Sunday's storms resulted in the dock at the Coralville Lake Marina being completely flipped over. This covered dock not only will need to be repaired and flipped back over, but it also damaged numerous boats in its way. Some of these boats even ended up underwater. Thankfully, no one was at the marina when this happened.

KCRG reports the Coralville Marina crew spent much of Monday afternoon towing the boats and assessing the damage that was done. The sales manager of the store believes the "roof caught the wind like a sail and flipped over, taking around a dozen boats with it."

A word that Iowans have become all too familiar with is Derecho and workers/users of the marina believe the damage that was caused is compared to what happened in Iowa, in 2020.

Once the boats have all been brought in safely, KCRG reports the crew will need to use heavy equipment as well as cranes to move the dock.

If you didn't receive any damage from the storm on Sunday, consider yourself lucky. It was surely a big one.

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