So you're headed to the grocery store to pick up a few of the essentials. You know, bread, milk, some baloney, a jar of peanuts, a 12-pack of Grain Belt Longnecks. Only the things you truly need to survive.

You come strolling out the store into the parking lot, and you see it. No, not an abandoned cart against your rear fender.

It's a young 'un (at my age anyone under 40 is a young 'un) and his pants are hanging down just above the knees. And there a beautiful blossom of underwear fluffed up above the top of those jeans.

You sigh...and just look forward to twisting the top off one of those Longnecks and watching a little Andy Griffith Show on TV.

Every generation has their fashions. Heck, i was stylin' in a cool pair of orange Elephant Bells. (Never heard of Elephant Bells? Ask you folks...or Grand Folks). Moved right on into jeans that ended above the ankles, with a nice pair of Penny Loafers.

Then the Leisure Suit came along and blew everything out of the water.

And now, jeans that are, even lower. If that crotch doesn't hang down to the knees, they're hitched up to high. And the back? Well, either a big fluff or underpants or at least half a butt crack, your choice.

Well, that may be come to an end in one state. At least legally.

South Carolina's legislature is debating a bill that would force those pants back up. If this thing is passed, no more pants three inches below the top of the hips. If you do?

Life in the slammer. Nah, just kiddin'. It would cost you $25.00 the first time and if you still insist on showing the world your fancy flowered underpants, the fine would go up some.

So what do you think? How low is too low?

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