NBC News recently did a survey as a kickoff to NBC/Universal's "Season of Kindness" event, celebrating the holiday season by shining a light on acts of kindness across the country. They polled over 2600 people on a variety of subjects relating to kindness and got some surprising responses.

People overwhelmingly would choose a boss who was kinder over getting a 10% pay raise! Of course when you look across gender lines, more men than women said they'd rather get the dough, but overall, most would forgo the raise for a boss who was more considerate. (We're very lucky to have a great boss, so guess which we'd choose?)

88% of participants in this survey indicated they would much rather live in a community with great neighbors, than upgrade to a larger, more expensive home or upscale neighborhood. They also indicated that they greet their neighbors and talk to them on a regular basis. (I have wonderful neighbors who are also friends, but I wouldn't fight someone who'd give me something with an upstairs shower to live in!)

In the romance category, both men and women think that kindness, (and secondarily - a sense of humor) are much more important that intelligence. (This is one I might have difficulty with, I mean, yes, kindness and humor are great attributes, but if he's a sweet idiot, what would we talk about?) Apparently appearance was not a criteria they even included.

On the question of where kindness begins, most respondents agreed that kindness begins at home, although 10% thought kindness most often begins in the community and 5% think kindness is generated in a place of worship. (To me, that is a head-shaker, honestly, if you're not being kind and teaching kindness at home, what makes you think you'll find it elsewhere? Sheesh!)

For more interesting thoughts on kindness check out the Today.com article.