We had the conversation in the office the other day. Chuck Wood and I were kicking around the 'how are you going to say 2020 year? At first, I thought it was ridiculous to even consider but the more I thought about it I thought I'd write about it.

I think I'm a 2020 man myself. Chuck thought that there would be some purists who might say Two-Thousand-Twenty.

The past decade had us wondering what to say and how. Twenty-Ten didn't sound right. So we thought Two-Thousand Ten. Twenty-eleven sounded dorky so we went with Two Thousand-eleven.

But in 2020. Barbara Walters set us up perfectly. 2020 it is. Zager and Evans had a song back in 1965. They sang Twenty-Five, Twenty-Five!

It will be interesting to hear how marketers use the number in their commercials. I think you'll hear auto dealerships use a combination of the ways it could be said. So, how are you going to say it? Twenty-Twenty? Or Two-Thousand-Twenty?

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