Intermission at a Rapid City minor league hockey game was not what sports fans were expecting Friday night at the Rushmore Civic center.

The "College Olympics" was suppose to be an entertaining crowd pleaser but turned into a disaster for the Rapid City Rush fans as they watched in horror as  half drunk students vomited on the ice.

The "competition" involved beer chugging, spinning with hockey sticks, running on the ice, and riding coolers. In other words, everything mom said never to do in public.

Courtesy Photo / RC Journal

Tim Hill, the Rush's general manager has been busy calming season ticket holders and some of the 5,000 others who witnessed the debacle on ice unfold.

This went completely wrong"

Really? Chugging, beer, spinning, running, and high speeds on a beer cooler? What could possibly go wrong?

RC Journal / Students ride a beer cooler on ice


Courtesy Rapid City Journal