In one of the recent episodes of the hit CBS sitcom Mike and Molly, they ventured into an area that struck a sensitive nerve with states have are rich in Native American reservations and history.

One of the characters made a joke relating heavy use of alcohol with the American Indian. Even though the joke was targeted to Arizona Indians, referring to any of the 21 tribes residing there, it reverberated throughout the country. Native American groups are speaking out.

The disease itself is not funny, the fear it instills in a lot of children. "Ignorance is one thing, but this must have passed through a lot of eyes before it appeared on a network show." - Erny Zah, a spokesman for the Navajo Nation

The Native American Journalists Association called on CBS to apologize, urging  screenwriters to think twice about what might offend minority groups and to work to overcome stereotypes.

The joke about American Indians in Arizona last week was made by Mike's mother on the show, played by Rondi Reed who said, "Arizona? Why would I move to Arizona? It’s nothing but a furnace full of drunk Indians!"

Wow. Did they not see the controversy that might stir?

However, not all viewers were offended by the joke, with some posting on the show's Facebook page that anyone who didn't like it can tune out.

CBS has declined comment.

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