Meet the leader behind the Roosevelt Rough Riders football team: senior quarterback Jett Thune. Jett is a four year starter at Roosevelt and it shows as each and every week he helps Roosevelt dominate on the football field. His strong arm great field vision may play an integral part in the success of the currently no.1 ranked Rough Riders, but as Jett states, that's only a small part of it.

"We're very team oriented and we play as one" said Thune. "When one player succeeds the entire team succeeds, that's the strength of our team. You can see it in the way our corner-backs help each other out and the way our defense as a whole swarms to the ball," describes Thune

That "small part" as Jett puts it goes a long way for the Rough Riders. It's hard to ignore the 10 touchdowns, 628 passing yards, and 211 rushing yards through just three games with only one interception to this point. When you factor in the even distribution of five passing and five rushing touchdowns you can see just how versatile of a player Jett really is. Never the less, Jett gives his team and his coaches the utmost respect.

Jett and the rest of the Rough Riders have cemented themselves as the early no.1 ranked team in South Dakota and for good reason. Through just three games the Rough Riders have outscored their opponents 113-28 proving why they deserve the top spot.

Despite having the number one ranking Jett and the rest of the team don't let the hype of the top spot get to them.

"We know that being ranked number one means everyone is going to bring their best game to try and take us down. We welcome the challenge," states Thune.

In true leadership fashion Jett goes on to explain that their main focus isn't on the other teams but on themselves.

"We are always looking to improve our game each and every week," describes Thune.

Jett explains that his time as a starter at Roosevelt has taught him so much.

" Being a starter for four years and getting to know coach Nelson and his great football mind has taught me how to be a leader and have fun" said Thune.

Jett Thune and the rest of the Roosevelt Rough Riders will look to continue their dominance as they head to Harrisburg Tigers September 18th


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