Meet this week's Athlete of the Week, Dan Skinner.

Skinner is a multi-sport senior at West Central high school. He is certainly no stranger to the athletic spotlight whether he's wearing a football jersey, basketball jersey, or track jersey.

Skinner is exactly what college football recruiters label an "athlete" as his position. That's exactly what he is. No one sport can hold all the talent that he has to offer.

"I love football, basketball, and track all the same," said Skinner. "There is so much that you can gain both mentally and physically from playing multiple sports."

Skinner plays and thinks like an athlete far beyond his years and it shows each and every day on the court, on the field, and on the track. Some could say this multi-sport phenom is the real deal in all three sports. He has certainly proved them right on all three accounts so far. He's not one to by tied down to one singular sport if he doesn't have to.

"There's so much that can benefit you from playing multiple sports," Skinner went on to say. "Playing multiple sports allows you the chance to improve pre-existing skills and develop new skills to become a better overall athlete."

Skinner has embodied the mindset of an accomplished athlete, absorbing all the knowledge he can from each of his coaches. When asked about what playing football at West Central has meant for him, he answered just like a true team leader would.

"Playing quarterback for the West Central football team has first and foremost taught me to be a leader. I have learned so much from my coaches, skills both mentally and physically that will be with me for life."

But of course a leader isn't a true leader if he's not a team player and Skinner has definitely proven himself to be one of the biggest team players of all. Without a second thought when asked what was the strongest aspect about the West Central football team, Skinner mentioned team work.

"You are only as strong as your weakest link," said Skinner.

This team plays as one and everybody on this team plays for each of his teammates. We are a very disciplined group, and that discipline comes about from teamwork and listening to our coaches," said Skinner.

Right now Skinner and the rest of the West Central Trojans are looking to continue their great start to the football season and look to make it to the big dance at the state tournament in Vermillion.


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