The average family in South Dakota shopping for groceries in the past several months has taken a rollercoaster ride through lack of product, high prices, and sometimes bare shelves. For those who live with food insecurity, it's a daily concern.

Marketing and communications director for Feeding South Dakota Stacey Andernacht says in South Dakota, 1 in 9 people are facing hunger. According to Dakota News Now, the organization is putting out the call to all of South Dakota to step up in helping the 66 counties in the state.

Just how much inventory is needed?

“The need continues to grow and we need 410,000 more pounds each month just to sustain the current need,” Lori Dykstra said, the CEO of Feeding South Dakota.

With a high demand for assistance, people need to know they shouldn't stop using Feeding South Dakota.

In 2021 Feeding South Dakota distributed 14.8 million pounds of food.

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There are more than 21,000 hungry individuals and families in South Dakota and with your help, we can bring much-needed relief to those who needed it most.

How can you help? The best way to help right now is through monetary donations. Dakota News Now learned that Feeding South Dakota is able to stretch out the value of each dollar.

Scan this list of needed items, then either look in your own pantry at home or buy a few extra the next time you do your shopping.


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