Some things are so simple to do, you hardly have to explain them. Like the Great American Milk Drive during the month of October at Hy-Vee.

Milk is an essential food item that not everyone has access to. All you have to do to help put milk into an empty fridge, is, donate a gallon or half-gallon when you check out at Hy-Vee through the end of October.

Easy. And peasy. Right?

One eight-ounce glass of milk provides 8 grams of protein, which is essential for strong bones, muscles, and energy. But many households simply can't afford to put this nourishing liquid in their shopping cart.

This is where the rest of us come in. If you can afford to sneak in an extra gallon of milk onto your shopping list for a food-insecure family, it's a gift of true and immediate impact.

Results Radio/Townsquare Media is extremely proud to be a sponsor of this event, along with Sioux Falls Area Hy-Vees, Avera, Jim and Megan Jarding, and Prairie Farms.

For even more information on hunger in our state, and how you can help, please see Feeding South Dakota.

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