So, you think you know beer. You know who we're talking to, you opinionated beer-drinking junkies out there who claim to drink one and only one beer. This past July 4th, 2020 weekend we were presented with the rather pleasant challenge of attempting to prove that we could tell our beer from the rest in a blind taste test.

The test wasn't actually blind. The pourers put our name on the cup then brought them out, one at a time for us to rank, and try to identify. Since this was the first annual competition rules were made up as we went along, which why the way is the best way to conduct a competition like this.

Nine beers were taste-tested at the Soulek Cabin near Svatos Bay this past July 4th. Their river cabin is just a few miles away from Pickstown, South Dakota in case you want to Google the location. Eight beer connoisseurs, actually 5 or 6 connoisseurs, and a couple of posers participating in the inaugural event.

What we all found out was, we don't really know what the hell we're drinking when we crack one open or, order up at a bar or restaurant. We turn our noses up when someone hands us one we don't usually drink and poke fun at them like it's some sort of Ford vs Chevy thing when they do.

Here's is my personal takeaway from the event. My top three favorites I chose were Coor's Light, Bud Light then Miller Lite. In that order. I was a bit surprised because I almost exclusively drink Miller Lite. Mostly because if I have too many, I'm not nursing a hangover from hades the nest day. There's something with Miller Lite that agrees with me.

When I saw that Coor's Light was actually my favorite tasting beer I wasn't too surprised. Hot day, cold Coor's Light and it's hard to turn it down. Bud Light was my go-to beer for years but lost out to Miller Lite after I had 3 too many one nights at the river. I had to try something different. A friend suggested Miller Lite, because of the different ingredients and boom, I was able to get out of bed the next morning, so I didn't look back.

How about you? How would you actually rank these beers and in what order? I'd love to know. And then, I'd really like to know if it would stand up in a taste test party like we had this past weekend.

Here is how my list broke down and some reasons why.

9. Corona Extra. This wasn't really fair. Anyone who drinks Corona Extra knows you have to have a little lime with it. We didn't. Participants noticed a very different 'nose' on this beer. I believe a black and white varmit came up in the conversation. It was unfair, because I'm having one with a wedge of lime as I write this story, and it tastes pretty darn good!

8. Old Milwaukee. Again, this wasn't a light beer, so I didn't mark it as high. However, Brandon Soulek offered me one out on the boat and in the hot summer sun, if it's cold, it'll do just fine.

7. Busch NA. This one was actually my fourth favorite on the list. I know. I was surprised as you, but it's a solid beer.

6. Busch Light. Busch Light came in fourth on my overall list. A blue yummie is hard to beat and let's hear it for the idea of the corn cans. Brilliant midwest marketing!

5. Michelob Ultra. Again, once you get past the feminine-looking can, it's a solid beer. If someone walks up carrying two I'll gladly take one!

4. Keystone Light. Surprised me a bit. Solid big blue can and definitely a hot day contender coming out of any cooler.

3. Miller Lite. I was presented with a 16 pack of 16 ouncers for my birthday and wasn't a bit disappointed!  Boom! And in those big aluminum cans...hard to beat!

2. Bud Light. It is good. Or Dilly Dilly or whatever you want to say. Another great light beer.

1. Coors Light. It could be why Coor's Light is always on the menu at most restaurants. It's solid. Usually does not offend and is a welcome buddy in your right hand on a hot summer afternoon.

Thank you to all the beer-drinking people who share this story with their friends. And to all the beer companies? If you want to share this on your national Facebook or Twitter accounts, that would be great. My bosses at The Corporate office would love that!

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