Ok, the bars are closed down, or severely hampered during this recent Coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping the world as well as American and right here in on back yard in South Dakota. Unemployment claims are off the charts and it turns out beer sales are taking off like a rocket too.

So, what's your favorite beer? No, not the fancy craft beers, we're talking about bargain basement get my buzz on for not a lot of money beer? If you're from South Dakota, (especially out in the middle of the state) chances are Busch Light makes the grade. Babushka Lates' is what I call em. If you're looking for a beverage that won't break the bank chances are you have a recycling bin that's filling up fans with empty cans of Buschhhhhhh!

Anheuser Busch saw a spike of nearly 44% in recent times. According to CNN Business;

People are still buying a lot of White Claw, spirits and wine, but home-grown budget beer brands have also spiked in sales over the past two months. In particular, Anheuser-Busch's (BUD) Busch Light sales have increased 44%, according to inMarket, a data analysis firm. The beer frequently runs witty promotions, including enticing people to adopt dogs during the pandemic and implementing price reductions depending on how much snow has fallen.

My favorite Miller Lite is also on the high grading charts. For the most part, you'll see grocers piling up and trying to tempt shoppers with a quick weekend splurge purchase.

Other brands have also recorded double-digit sales increases, including Miller Lite, Michelob Ultra and Natural Light. They all grew between 14% and 17%. Modelo and Miller High Life sales both jumped around 7%.

How about your place? If we rifled through your recycling bin at the next pickup time what might we uncover about your pandemic patterns? Like they say on many a detective show, you can find out a lot about a house and those who live there by the trash they take out every week.

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