Dear Garth,

I'm one of the few who will actually get to meet you when you come to town. I'm looking forward to it Sunday afternoon. We might shake hands and exchange pleasantries, but I somehow feel like we're connected. Heck, every one of the fans that will see you perform along with your wife Trisha Yearwood probably almost consider you family. We've all been through a lot together.

I remember wondering if I'd ever have kids while listening to 'Much Too Young to Feel This Damn Old.' I had Shameless on in the van while I was hauling our oldest  and then middle child to the baby sitter in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Then it was The Beaches of Cheyenne when our youngest was born.

Yes we, as fans are connected. Songs like Learning To Live Again and That Summer bring back so much. But then I read this simple message on our Facebook. I though I was connected with your music, then I read this.

I realize you may never see this; however, my late husband and I danced to your song "If Tomorrow Never Comes" when we were juniors in high school. Then again when we got engaged, then married in 2007. My husband got diagnosed with brain cancer on September 23, 2016. He passed away on May 28, 2017. He was saved by Jesus. I was windowed at the age of 31 with our two small children. Our daughter Ava who is 4, and our son Derek who turned 2 on May 30th. I am begging you to please play "If Tomorrow Never Comes" at your 3:00 PM show on 9/23. One year to the day of my husbands diagnosis. Please.
Thank you for the potential consideration. God bless and thank you for coming to Sioux Falls.
Much love,
Megan Timmer

Hey Garth, I've been playing requests for your songs for the past 25 years. So, I'll make the call here. If you have time, and could squeeze it in for Megan, we would all love it. And, if your free for Sunday Brunch, I know some pretty good places here in Sioux Falls!


JD Collins/KIKN 100.5

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