You've heard the phrase. 'Beef, it's what's for dinner'.

Us South Dakotan's love our beef. Heck, we love our meat. And potato's. And vegetables. Hey, there's nothing wrong with a great hot dish...or casserole if you prefer.

But what's something out of the ordinary? Something unique, interesting, heck maybe even disgusting?

I bumped into a website called and they had a list of what they called 50 weird American foods, state by state. So I'm checking around it to see how weird you people really are, ya know? I mean, i got kids down in Nebraska and they're a strange bunch (in a totally lovable way). I got tons of relatives in Minnesota, most of which refuse to acknowledge they're related to me. I even have friends that reside in Iowa (!). And of course I've been a good old South Dakotan now for a few more than a few years.

So I had to check it out. But before we check out states here, what the heck is with you Alabama folks?? Kool-Aid Pickles? Hmmm... And Alaska's Reindeer Pizza sounds, well, different.

Anyway, I checked on Nebraska. Disappointing. They listed a Reuben! Really, a Reuben is weird?? I'm starting to doubt these folks. A good Reuben sandwich doesn't seem in the least bit weird.

OK, how about my native Minnesota, let's check...Krumkake, Norwegian inspired. Of course it is. And Iowa? Sweet and Crunchy Dutch Letters. Well, being Dutch, that doesn't seem all that weird.

OK, and what about the greatest state in the nation, the Mt. Rushmore State, what's the weirdest? Drum Roll please:

Bean Bread.

That's right, Bean Bread.

Well, that seems a let down. I was thinking something 'laugh out loud'. Maybe something to make me gag a bit. But...

Bean Bread.

Anyway, here's the recipe, check it out and see if you think it's the weirdest recipe in the state of South Dakota. And happy eating!

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