It's one of our earliest memories of the COVID-19 in this area - the panic buying of toilet paper at local stores.

Well here we are more than a year later and all of that nonsense of not being able to find toilet paper on the shelves at the store is thankfully behind us.

Or is it?

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Fortune is reporting that a new global shortage of toilet paper is now looming large, although this one has nothing to do with hoarding.

It's a transportation thing.

The world's biggest producer of wood pulp, which is the main raw material in toilet paper, says a shortage of vessels capable of moving their shipping containers could start creating supply issues.

Sao Paulo, Brazil-based Suzano SA uses what are known as 'break bulk' containers to ship its products. But demand for ships the carry ribbed steel containers is exceeding demand, which not only threatens supply but also means higher prices are a possibility.

It's not just toilet paper that could be impacted, company officials say supplies of food and agricultural products could suffer as well.

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