The nature of our modern economy is based on selling what you have and buying what you need. In other words, importing and exporting. The vastness of the United States means the even within our own national boarders each of the fifty states has its own unique needs and strengths. We all bring something in and push something out.

According to figures from the US Census Bureau, South Dakota's biggest exports and imports are agriculture related.

South Dakota's five biggest Exports:

  1. Brewing Or Distilling Dregs And Waste (grain product used for livestock feed)
  2. Soybean Oilcake (for animal feed)
  3. Meat, Swine, Hams, Shoulders, Bone-In
  4. Meat Of Swine
  5. Front-End Shovel Loaders

South Dakota's five biggest Imports:

  1. Prepared Or Preserved Bovine Meat (Yummy Cows)
  2. Potassium Chloride (for Fertilizer)
  3. Coniferous Wood Sawn (Lumber)
  4. Portable Automatic Data Processing Machines
  5. Unwrought Aluminum, Not Alloyed

Top Five Countries South Dakota Exports Go:

  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Japan
  • China
  • Belgium

Top Five Countries South Dakota Imports From

  1. Canada
  2. China
  3. Brazil
  4. Mexico
  5. Japan


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