I think we all can agree the COVID-19 pandemic has brought out the best, and unfortunately, the worst in people at times.

Fortunately, here's another one of the stories of good people doing good things to help out others during this time of hardship for so many right now.

A new organization called Helping Hands Sioux Falls is now underway here in the Sioux Empire.

As Dakota News Now reports, this free volunteer delivery service is designed to help out elderly and at-risk individuals during the pandemic.

The program, announced on Wednesday (August 19), is a new initiative launched by Conscious Youth Solutions, a worldwide network of young people. The group was created to work together to solve local, regional, and global challenges during difficult times.

According to Dakota News Now, the Los Angeles-based Shaper Hands organization is also a partner in the Helping Hands program.

Right now, the primary mission of Helping Hands Sioux Falls is to work in conjunction with the community to identify elderly, and immunocompromised individuals, along with anyone else in need in the area that would benefit by having volunteers bring groceries and supplies to their homes.

If you know of someone that would be helped by this service, or maybe you would like to become a Helping Hands Sioux Falls volunteer yourself? Simply visit the group's website to get all the details.

Source: Dakota News Now

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