A couple years ago I participated in the Bishop Dudley House annual sleep out event .

The sleep out aims to bringing awareness to people experiencing homelessness, and give a better insight and understanding of their circumstances.

This night opened my eyes to many things about homelessness I was completely unaware of, and I will never look at the situation or people through the same lenses.

My eyes and heart had been opened in a new way.

As part of the evening they had us check in just like individuals who stay at the Bishop Dudley House every night.

We read individual stories written by people who had stayed at the Bishop Dudley House.

The circumstances that brought each individual through the doors blew me away, I had no idea the numerous ways homelessness can become someones reality.

Hearing the struggles of families with young children, and trying to wrap my head and heart around someone trying to survive on the streets with their kids.

We ate a meal that is provided nightly for the guests, and then watched the documentary film Over The Bridge.

Over The Bridge is a movie I wish everyone in Sioux Falls would watch.

This documentary about homelessness in Sioux Falls, is by Maria Lavelle and Sarah Kocher.

Over The Bridge was shown Thursday night, and putting all politics and affiliations aside, I'm just glad this important film is being shown, and there is a discussion being had.

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