It takes a second but you never know the difference you make in someones day by acknowledging their existence.

Today is World Hello Day and it's a great motivator to make a connection with people if only for a brief second.

I've noticed over the years it seems to get harder and harder to make eye contact with people in public.

It is partially hard to make the eye contact connection due to our eyes being glued to our phones.

I'm not sure if I'm the only one who seems to notice the art of a good old fashioned Hello seems to be fading from our culture.

On World Hello Day people are encouraged to participate by simply greeting ten people during the people.

Who knows with a little momentum of people practicing a Hello again maybe we can bring it back.

Maybe the Hello will just be a Hello or you never know where a Hello can lead, or maybe you'll leave that person with a feeling they really need.

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