Sioux Falls has many wonderful parks where you can walk your dog. But most require that your dog be on a leash. If you would like to socialize your dog off-leash you may want to try the Spencer Park Off-Leash Dog Park.

Often called the Spencer Dog Park, this park is located close to the intersection of Cliff Ave. and I-229. It's right across the street from Tuthill Park on the cities east side.

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There are two separate areas to let your dogs play. One area is for big dogs and the other is for small dogs. And like the big sign in front of the fenced-in area says: “Off-Leash Does Not Mean Out of Control”!

The park itself is located along the cities expansive bike path system and close to the Big Sioux River. It is a very scenic area to relax and exercise your pup and maybe even meet people yourself. It is also helpful and responsible to be mindful of the parks list of DOs & DON'Ts:


  • Leash your dog when entering and exiting the park.
  • Keep your dog under voice command and control at all times.
  • Patrons could be removed from the park if they are unable to keep their dog under control.
  • Stay with your dog.
  • Only bring a maximum of 2 dogs per individual.
  • Keep dogs in designated areas.
  • Obey City ordinances by cleaning up after your dog.
  • Have proof of license and immunizations.
  • Report any dog bites, attacks, and injuries to Sioux Falls Animal Control at 605-367-7222.


  • Bring puppies that are less than 4 months old or dogs that are aggressive, ill, or in heat.
  • Allow dogs to dig holes.
  • Bring dogs that are not properly licensed or immunized.
  • Leave items unattended at the park. They will be removed.

But most of all DO remember to relax and enjoy the out of doors with man's best friend!

Sioux Falls Spencer Dog Park

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