When Trav worked at the radio station, somedays it was hard for me to get anything done. It was mostly my fault as we would talk, sometimes longer than we should about stuff. Stuff, kinda like the stuff that he talks about in his latest video.

Travis Jacobs worked for years in Sioux Falls radio. Mornings, Middays. Many have wondered what he's up to. Well, you might say he's found something to focus on that he can really sink his teeth into. He can describe that focus better than I. In fact, this video he recently made should do the talking just fine. You might say Trav found his target, and his focus is keen. Especially when it comes to looking at things like this 'virus' that has us all talking.

Take a few minutes out of your day, and see what caught Trav's eye this time. You may have one on the wall in your bathroom.  My favorite line comes near the end when he says 'there is only us.'

Along with his sister Tessa, Trav co-founded TnT Healing, a nonprofit that offers free writing experiences to adults and children who have experienced trauma.
Tessa tragically lost her life by a hit and run driver in 2018. To this day, TnT Healing continues to offer these classes in honor of her.
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