I freely admit there is no such thing as fashion or style in any facet of my life. I wear clothing which more often than not fits, and shoes which keep me from going barefoot most of the time. There is no effort to put together a Bohemian, rocker chick, vintage, preppy or tomboy presentation.

My beauty (and I use that word very loosely) regimen involves using a skin scrubbing exfoliant on a daily basis. Sometimes, I go all out and use a moisturizer. I usually have just enough time in the morning to slather on a bit of mascara, some under-eye cover-up and a bit of lipstick, all of which have disappeared by 8 AM.

My furniture and house don't follow a theme or have an all-important feng shui alignment. There is no such thing as a Modern, Italianate, Oriental, or Art Deco vibe to the ramshackle rental home I live in. I perhaps could claim I'm going for a retro look because most of my stuff is a disastrous mix of what I could afford and what I inherited from my parents.

The point is, I have not the time, nor ambition and most of all, interest, to keep up with what is in, or out of fashion. Trends are a mystery to me and I prefer to keep them that way. I'll leave the sussing out of the popularity of current cultural riddles to people who give a rat's backside about them.

But every once-in-awhile something catches my attention from the world of beauty and hygiene which at the very least makes me shake my head. A Pure Wow article claiming that armpit masks are the "newest skin-care trend" did just that. And then I laughed out loud!

Prior to this article, I had read a thoughtful New York Times piece on choosing what to worry about in a world where awful things are occurring every single minute of the day.

I guess if your armpits have been particularly troubling lately, you would want to tend to them. And that is all I have to say on the subject.

Sources: Pure Wow and Amazon.com

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