If you only ride the crowded interstates and busy state highways you miss some of the awesome good South Dakota has to offer. Case and point:  Kaylor, South Dakota.

If you've been through Scotland headed north [most people haven't for the past year or so, due to road construction on Hiway 18] you have most likely seen the road sign that says Kaylor is a few miles to the west. I was in Scotland the other day and one of the locals 'Dick' said to just head north up to Kaylor to get to my destination. I was headed to Milltown later that day.

A couple of observations about the trip from Scotland to Kaylor. There were about 3 cornfields along the way. usually you would see hundreds. It has been so tremendously wet this year around here and that particular part of South Dakota has been soaked.

A few years back, I helped a guy with a dance with another fellow in Kaylor that they held in their HUGE grain storage facility. I think it's the size of 7 or 8 basketball courts inside the place. It's monster Big

I mentioned that I'd made the trip through Kaylor headed North to Milltown and later a guy called me and asked if I'd stopped at the Kaylor Locker. I didn't. But I told him that IF I'm lucky enough to come across a love crazy buck while deer hunting this fall maybe I'll give them a try.

Kaylor, South Dakota. One of those specks on the map that most never get to. I'm sure the locals are just fine with that.

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