Attending sporting events such as a baseball game is just one of the many things people missed during COVID. Nothing screams summer like going to a baseball game and eating all sorts of great ballpark food while cheering on your team to victory.

Being back inside a professional baseball stadium is almost surreal.  Your mind starts to wander and you recall memories from the "last game you attended before the pandemic." Most people would say their last baseball game was in 2019. Just being around a sports atmosphere is exciting in itself.  However, you tend to forget about the little things you did not miss such as the price of food and drinks or long lines to the restroom.

One of the top cities that held its ground in regard to staying locked down was Chicago.  Sporting events still took place but without fans.  Once baseball came back in the city, everyone wanted to spend a day at the ballpark...and I mean everyone.  No matter if you cheer for the Northsiders or Southsiders, it was going to be busy.  I couldn't say that a few years ago with my poor White Sox (ha)!

When I made my trip back home, I attended not one but two White Sox games in a weekend series with the Cleveland Indians (they won't officially be The Guardians until the 2022 season).  I captured a lot of great highlights, good food, fun moments, and even Elvis during these two games.  These moments will make you feel like you were at the games with me!

Major League Baseball After COVID

The electricity reached a new level when White Sox closer Liam Hendriks took the field. This guy's walk-up song has so much pizzazz!  I wish I got Liam’s grand entrance on video.  At least you can feel the energy after his final pitch.

Major League Baseball After COVID

Elvis pulled out all the stops for this performance.  He was pretty good.  The "King of Rock and Roll” in the sky I’m sure is very proud!

Elvis Night always ends in an array of fireworks.  AKA...The best fireworks in Chicago.

Major League Baseball After COVID

I've missed baseball, and I'm glad I was able to witness a couple of games during what could prove to be a historic season for the White Sox!

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