Paul Phillips knew he wanted to propose to his lady friend. But he couldn't just ask her to marry him in the same old way. Like after they had a nice dinner and were sitting there eating the last of the curly fries, he could hide the ring in some horseradish sauce. And when she fishes it out and says "what's this?" He could say, "You Wanna," and she would shrug her shoulders and say "I guess," as she takes the tray to the trashcan. You know romantic like that.

Curly Fries
Clip Art

No, this guy had big planes. He wrote a book about their relationship. Got someone to illustrate the book. Printed the book and put it in his local library. He then had his girlfriend stumble on the book and while she was reading it, when she got to the part with a proposal he got on a knee and did it. Here are pictures of the event:

Tall Tale 2

(Via Reddit)

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