When it comes to the weather in Sioux Falls, it's been a crazy summer.  There have been days when people have just been roasting in the sun, not to mention the never-ending drought that the entire state has been facing.

Well, there's some good news and bad news.  If you love fall weather with sweaters and boots, you'll have to wait to break out the jackets just a little bit longer.  However, if you love the summertime warmth and sunshine, you're in luck!  Summer weather looks like it will be hanging around the Sioux Empire for a little bit longer.

Our friends at the National Weather Service in Sioux Falls always keep us up to date on the latest weather conditions.  In a shocking tweet from its Twitter account,  the National Weather Service is predicting that Sioux Falls residents may not see fall temperatures until October!

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So when will the seasons change in Sioux Falls and around the Sioux Empire? Based on data amassed from the National Weather Service over the last 30 years, it looks like we still have some time.

The data was collected from 1990-2020. This information helps determine the average date we could see those cooler temperatures. The earliest day we could see temperatures fall to 32 degrees or lower is most likely September 27th in Brookings as well as in Spencer, Iowa.  The  National Weather Service shows that Sioux Falls isn't too far behind that date.  September 30th is the earliest day we could see the fall-like temperatures.

Other cities around the Sioux Empire like Mitchell, Yankton, Huron, and parts of Minnesota and Iowa won't see temperatures lower than 32 degrees until the start of October.  Morning Meteorologist Aaron Doudna at Dakota News Now even believes this will be a reality.  Conditions are still pretty dry throughout most of the state. We may even be in the 90s again by the end of this week. Yikes!

So enjoy your Pumpkin Spice Lattes in this heat if you wish, but the temperatures are suggesting it is probably best to stick to the iced coffee drinks for the time being!

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