Snow before Christmas is just not fun. Snow on Christmas Day is absolutely mesmerizing but then not so much after Santa's big day. Either way, nothing beats snow at Christmas!

The Sioux Empire just shoveled out of its first big storm of the season and knowing winter weather trends in the Midwest, it certainly won't be the last.

However, there is only one major question that remains for all those who have the Christmas spirit. Will Sioux Falls and South Dakota have a white Christmas in 2021?

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The National Weather Service has a map that shows the probability of which states and regions will experience a white Christmas this year. There is even a map specifically for the state of South Dakota.

WhiteChristmasProbabilityBinned_620_hat Media

According to the National Weather Service, there are about seven states that will have a significant chance of delighting in a white Christmas. These states include Colorado, Idaho, Maine, Upstate New York, and...Minnesota. As for South Dakota, the chances of a white Christmas can honestly go either way. There’s a 50/50 chance of a white Christmas in South Dakota.

Will There Be A White Christmas In South Dakota This Year?
National Weather Service

According to the map above, the entire state has a 26% to 75% chance of experiencing a white Christmas. That’s quite a range! Looking specifically at Sioux Falls, it appears as though the area has anywhere from a 51% to 60% chance of waking up to snow on Christmas morning.

Weather sometimes can definitely be unpredictable not to mention the fact it's actually too soon to tell what to expect on Christmas Day. For all snow lovers, there is still some hope for a white Christmas!

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