I don't think this would ever happen in South Dakota. However, a state which has become well known for people who display truly odd behavior has just had another preposterously weird incident.

You probably have guessed that the state being referred to is - - Florida.

The New York Post and ABC News are reporting that a Florida couple invited their whole family to a lavish wedding ceremony being held at what they described as their "dream home".

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The problem was, the magnificent manor was not owned by them. The sumptuous 16,300 square-foot dwelling which sports 6 garages, a pool, tennis courts, "a bowling alley, 15 bathrooms, a home theater, and 800-square-foot bar" is owned by the son of one of the first people to franchise an IHOP.

Nathan Finkel, currently has the home in a Miami suburb, on the market for just over $5 million.

When Courtney Wilson and Shenita Jones showed up on the grounds of the lush abode to begin setting up for the wedding, they encountered Finkel who called the police and asked them to remove the lovebirds/trespassers.

Apparently, Mr. Wilson had toured the home, posing as a potential buyer, thought the home was vacant and came up with the nutty idea. He claimed to the owner that the "red carpet event" was a "message from God".

Wilson did leave at the request of the police officers and refused to talk about the incident.

The lesson here? Don't move to Florida, unless you're a fan of the kind of outlandishly kooky and eccentric incidents that occur there on a daily basis!

Sources: ABC News Go and The New York Post

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