I have to admit, I'm a little bummed out. A particular part of my day, and certainly my ride to work here in Sioux Falls is changing. I realize our need to expand and move on, but this modification gets to me. Let me explain.

If you've been following my posts over the years, you know that I'm a fan of country living. I've always loved my trip down 57th street in southeast Sioux Falls on my way to work. The highlight of my ride has always been the area near 57th and Bahnson.

You probably know it as the horse farm. The horses. The babies in the spring. I've loved seeing it and how it changes throughout the year.

The house and barn are still near Southeastern, but we are losing the alfalfa field due to construction.

Construction has started. I knew it would. But I can't help but feel a bit melancholy when I see the work being done. I've loved heading to work on a spring morning checking the alfalfa field to the south. By looking at that field I could tell where are farmer friends were in their quest to either cut it down or trying to bail it up after the rain. And the smell after it had been cut on a spring morning. I loved it.

I know we expand and we move on. Sioux Falls is growing and will soon meet up with Harrisburg to the south and if you look at all the projects and construction east of Highway 11, it's easy to anticipate that Brandon Valley and Sioux Falls will soon be separated by little more than a green sign on the road on the way to one or the other.

How about you? Do any changes in the city, with expanding construction have an effect on you? If so, let me know with an email anytime. I'd love to share it with our readers.

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