General Motors is recalling 380,498 SUVs for a potential rear suspension issue on certain Cadillac and Saab SUVs.

According to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, 380,362 Cadillac SRX vehicles from model years 2010-2016 are included in this recall, along with 136 Saab 9-4x vehicles from model years 2011-2012. GM owned Saab at the time and built the 9-4x.

In November of 2020, the NHTSA investigated two crashes that they say were caused by this issue leading to the recall.

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The recall states that jam nuts on the rear suspension toe link adjusters may have been improperly tightened by service technicians. The technicians may not have followed specific GM procedures for tightening the jam nut. This error could allow water to enter the threads and corrode the adjuster.

Improper adjustment combined with corrosion and vehicle motion could cause the link to separate. If the link separates while the vehicle is moving, it could increase the risk of a crash.

GM dealers will replace the adjustable link with a non-adjustable one at no cost to the vehicle owner.

If a warning message appears stating 'Service Traction Control', 'Sevice Stabilitrak', 'Stabilitrak Malfunction', or 'Sevice Rear Axle', GM advises to immediately stop driving the vehicle and have it towed to a GM dealership for an inspection.

Other symptoms can include swaying or wandering, a metallic noise from the rear, an off-center steering wheel, or uneven wear on the rear tires.

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