Here's a question:

How many great towns are there in the Sioux Empire? Answer: All of them!

The Sioux Empire doesn't have what you might call definite borders. It's kind of hazy, this area called the 'Sioux Empire'. But if you've lived here for years, maybe your whole life, you know what entails the Sioux Empire. But can you identify the communities in the Sioux Empire from a single image?

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You may live in one of the communities, passed through a hundred times, or maybe motored through one only once. Following are 15 images, one image for each of 15 Sioux Empire towns. There's a clue with each image. Take a look and see if you can identify the community.

Then, after the 15 images, scroll down for the 15 short videos that each picture came from. Here we go!

Alrighty then, there you have it: 15 Sioux Empire fine communities. There's a pretty good chance you've been in all or most of them. Some are what I'd call pretty good size. Others are of a smaller variety. But how many do you actually recognize? Maybe one is where you live and you didn't even know it!

So let's have a look. Here each one is, with the video of the town to boot!

NUMBER 1: Baltic

Number 2: Flandreau

Number 3: Tea

Number 4: Castlewood

Number 5: Luverne

Number 6: Beresford

Number 7: Garretson

Number 8: Yankton

Number 9: Brookings

Number 10: Menno

Number 11: Canton

Number 12: Hartford

Number 13: Crooks

Number 14: Brandon

Number 15: Dell Rapids

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