There is never any shortage of good people doing good things.

If we based our views off of the news and social media post, it would be easy to believe everyone and everything is falling apart.

When we look a little closer we find stories like these, and there are stories like these, and people like this everywhere.

Make a need known and good people show up and fill it.

A 7-year old who loves dogs, and was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer found out how much love is out there in this world.

From a CNN story:

Family and friends had an idea a month ago to send the 7-year-old Wisconsin girl cute pics of their pups with well wishes as though they were penned by their doggies.
They hoped it would cheer up Emma and her family after learning she has a rare form of brain cancer - one that has no cure. But no one expected what would happen next.

To read the entire story from CNN click here.

Emma has received over 80,000 pictures of dogs from around the world!

Good people doing good things and enlisting the help of some good old fashioned puppy love.

Sources: CNN


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