You could call it southern Sioux Falls or you could call in northern Tea. Whatever you want to call the area between the city and growing bedroom community the landscape is changing.

We wrote a story about the Watertower that is being built along the busy I-29. If your daily commute takes you south out of Sioux Falls, or you come in for work, chances are good that you too have been watching Maguire Ironworkers, weld and mold, and get ready to erect the new water tower.

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While driving past the project, I've found myself 'imagining' what other objects this water tower project looks like. One of them is A Goblet for the gods. Yep, a friend was talking Greek and Roman Mythology with me the other day so I guess that kind of stuck in my mind.  Next to it, a solid steel mini Reptile Gardens Mini Dome. Hey, eastern South Dakota has to get in the tourism groove right.

Another one that came to mind was a giant rain gauge. I brought that up in the previous story and I'm sorry I did. I obviously jinxed the area farmers who are shaking their heads as they look at the thermometer and wonder if it's ever going to rain again.

How about a funnel-type drain thing that they put under cars when they change the oil at one of those quick lube stops. Or a dumbbell that's partially buried in the South Dakota soil?

Whatever you see when you drive by it will soon more like a water tower. As soon as the water tower is actually standing, we can start wondering about the next important question. What will they write on the tower?

By the way, I wasn't driving when I took the photo, and yes, the bugs are out this time of year.

Thank you for sharing this story with your I-29 commuting friends!

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