Two days into the latest phase of construction at 41st and Sertoma Avenue shows some progress has been made.

If you’ve been avoiding this area, hopefully you will find the videos useful.  Because if you may need to go here, there are some useful tips contained within.

Of course if you use drive in this area frequently, keep your cool as you pass through.  This project will be disrupting your drive for the next 3 months.  All businesses and the school are accessible during this phase of construction.  Watch the two segments to see how and where to drive to arrive at your desired destination.

The first is the perspective from 41st Street near the entrance to Kuehn Park.  In case you need to go north on Sertoma, you still have a couple of safety valves.

Part 2 is analyzing the business access at the intersection itself plus the stores continuing west on 41st Street.

Keep in mind, different parts of this junction will be closed and driving patterns will change to accommodate the new construction.  We will keep you posted.

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