UPDATE: Garth announced they have cancelled this performance due to a band member who is down with Covid-19. We'll update you should he reschedule the event.

Don't look now, but country's biggest superstar is making what looks to be another run at Entertainer of the Year win another Live Acoustic Show. With all the Covid-19 pandemic talk, Garth Brooks is one of the artists who is taking serious advantage of social media to get his product out to the masses. This time it's going to be on Facebook.

Coming July 7, 2020, it's Garth Request Live II. At the time of writing this, Garth wasn't sure where the setting would be. He said, perhaps we'll be singing around a fire, one thing for sure, it will be up close and personal.

So put your earbuds in, or run it through your smart TV and share it aloud with friends. From arenas to stadiums, to Drive In's to computer screens, one thing is certain, Garth Brooks is making a serious run for Entertainer of the Year again in Country Music.

You can submit requests by using the hashtag #GarthRequestLive2.

Check out Brook's Facebook to check out his performance. More details will be announced closer to the Livestream date.

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