If the pitter patter of little feet is in your future this year, you might need some help choosing a name. Will you name your bundle of joy something traditional, create a name or choose a new trendy name?

The website Nameberry has put together a list of the top 100 baby names of 2016.

Here is the list and each name's meaning from Nameberry. Check out their website for more baby name ideas.

Abel – Biblical boy name with a capable sound
Adelina – The next Isabella
Agnes – Vintage A name set for a major comeback
Alice – Storybook heroine back in the Top 100
Amias – Undiscovered masculine name whose meaning we love
Apollo – A Greek god at home in the modern world
Arden – Shakespeare’s forest makes this a literary nature name
Arlo – Upbeat Arlo is a folk singer – and an animated dinosaur
Athena – As smart as Sophia
Atlas – Mythological name that holds its own
August – The Oscar of 2016
Aurora – Ancient name seeing a new dawn
Beckett – Literary name and Hollywood favorite
Benedict – Ben name glamourized by leading man Cumberbatch
Blaise – Saint’s name with a fiery image
Bodhi – Surprising spiritual name entering the mainstream
Brooks – Brooke is fading for girls, but Brooks is white-hot for boys
Cait and Cate – New ways to spin classic Kate, inspired by Jenner and Blanchett
Cassian – Roman rarity poised for 21st century discovery
Charlie – Modern parents increasingly prefer Charlie to Charles – or Charlotte
Charlotte – A Nameberry favorite turned royal baby name
Clementine – Edible appellation back in the US Top 1000
Cora – The Downton Abbey name most likely to succeed
Cordelia – Lear’s loyal daughter, and a recent returnee to the US Top 1000
Crosby – Irish surname name that’s part-crooner, part-NHL
Cy and Si - Claire Danes picked Cyrus, the Timberlakes Silas, and Zoe Saldana just Cy
Declan – Ryan and Brian’s little brother
Delilah - Biblical bad girl rehabilitated
Delta – Southern belle baby name chosen by Dax Shepherd and Kristen Bell
Dinah - Undiscovered Biblical girls’ name
Dorothea – Distinctive classic rich with great nicknames
Edith – 2016’s Abigail, and Cate Blanchett’s youngest
Eloise – Childhood literary heroine ready for the real world
Elsie – Rising nickname-name chosen by Zooey Deschanel
Emmeline – Alternative to popular Emma and Emily, and Meryl Streep’s Suffragette character
Emmett – An Em name for a boy, boosted by Twilight and The LEGO Movie
Everest – Nature name with a hint of danger, featured on the big screen last year
Ezra – As Biblical as Noah, plus with the zippy ‘z’
Fable – Modern spin on Mabel just right for a writer’s child
Fay or Faye – A more inventive – and vintage - middle than May or Ray
Flannery – As literary as Harper, but far more distinctive
Flora – Halfway between Nora and Daisy, yet all the way more unusual
Flynn – Dashing Flynn, part-Tangled, part-Finn.
Ford – The chicest of the car names
Fox - An animal name as snappy as Max, as modern as Bear
Frances – A classic that’s thrown off its dowdy image to feel fresh and wearable
Freya – A Norse goddess name long popular in the UK, newly discovered in the US
Grey – Color name possibility for boys, rising thanks to – or despite – Fifty Shades
Hank – Casual Jack-like name chosen by Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker
Harold – Former grandpa name now following Henry into wider use
Harvey – A name that’s been out for so long in the U.S. that it’s suddenly very in
Hawk – Fierce nature name worn by Jeremy Renner in The Avengers
Hazel – Once an out-there starbaby choice, now a vintage favorite
Holiday - Cooler than Holly or Noel, more approachable than Christmas or Easter
Huck – This year’s Finn or Sawyer
Imogen – UK – and Nameberry — favorite slowly catching on in the US
Inigo – Rare saint’s name that deserves wider use
James – The most enduring of boys’ names, now also a possibility for a daughter
Jane – Quirky television series Jane the Virgin makes classic Jane a cultural-crossing possibility
John – Top name for CEOs appropriate for an upwardly-mobile child
Juniper – Jennifer’s daughter, and an energetic nature name on the rise
Justus - Ancient Roman name meets modern word name
Leilani – A Hawaiian name feeling more at home on the mainland
Leonora - Leonine girls’ name that’s familiar yet rare
Linus – Finally out from under the blanket
Louisa – Lovely, literary, and back in the Top 1000
Luca – Handsome, Italian spin on Lucas and Luke
Lucia – A favorite with parents looking to bridge cultures
Luna – Spacey Harry Potter name that has stuck
Maeve – Authentically Irish, without the spelling and pronunciation challenges of some imports
Magnolia – The hottest new-old floral name
Magnus – A ancient royal name in Norway and Sweden, Magnus shares a meaning with Max that any little boy would love: the greatest.
Maisie – Sweetly vintage nickname name
Malala – Nobel Peace Prize-winner that deserves wider use
Margot or Margo – Sophisticated o-ending spin on classic Margaret
Marigold – A golden-hued Downton Abbey-inspired option
Marlowe – Harper, Harlow, and now Marlowe are last names succeeding in first place for girls
Matilda – Roald Dahl’s girl power heroine for a new generation
Nathaniel – Biblical favorite that never feels overused
Nova – New – literally! – and celestial
Ocean – Water-inspired nature names are hot, from River to Ocean
Olive – Starbaby favorite with ties to the natural world and a peaceful image
Ophelia – Once-tragic Shakespearean name, now an alternative to Olivia
Orson – An ends-with-son name that isn’t overused
Paris – The City of Lights shines on, classic for boys or modern for girls
Poe – Poetic surname name boosted by new Star Wars hero
Poppy – Flower power pick big in the UK, finally catching on in the US
Rafferty – Cool and confident surname name for boys
Robin – Back on the boys’ side
Romy – Former one-person name ready for wider use
Royal – A name that rules, with ties to the World Series champs
Rufus – Neglected boy name that feels fresh and fashionable
Saint – A celebrity baby name sure to find wider use
Saoirse – Irish import boosted by rising actress Saoirse Ronan
Sophia and Sofia – The name heard ‘round the world
Stellan – One of the best n-ending names for boys
Susannah – Classic spin on Susan currently given to fewer than 100 girls
Titan – Powerful mythological name now in the US Top 1000
Xanthe – Mythological but modern, with the X factor
Zephyr – Breezy nature name with stylish –r ending