That sounds like an 'unusual food boast.' That's what Jolene used to say. She'd usually say it after I mindlessly uttered  something ridiculous like, 'I ate a ton of food for lunch today.' If you're like most people, you've probably heard a few 'unusual' food boasts,' in your life too. Dave Roberts passed this story along to me and I was hungry for a story to put up on the site so I thought I'd pass along this gem from Freeman, South Dakota.

First of all, we have to give credit to South Dakota Magazine. The magazine has a knack for finding the pictures and stories that are South Dakota to the max. Their story read;

If you think you can handle 6 ¼ pounds (100 oz.), head to Doc’s Bar in Freeman and test your limits with the Corpsman Up Steak Challenge. The name was inspired by owner Josue "Sway" Torres' military background. “Hospital corpsmen, especially those that work closely with the United States Marine Corps, complete rigorous training in order to perform their duties alongside the few and the proud, the U.S. Marines,” he says.
The Rules:


  • Must eat the 100 oz. steak cooked to order, one pound of fries and drink of choice
  • Cannot leave the table once the challenge has started
  • Challenger cannot throw up
  • No helpers allowed

If the challenger completes the task, they win a Doc’s Bar T-shirt, hat and coin and get their picture on the Wall of Fame. If the challenger fails, he or she must pay $75.

So far, no one has successfully finished, but on Nov. 16, Randy Santel, YouTube star, and competitive eater will make an attempt. Will he be the first on the Wall of Fame? Head to Doc’s Bar to find out!

If you'd like, you could head to Doc's Bar and give it a run yourself. A suggestion though, you might want to come hungry. Real hungry!  Thanks for sharing this story with your friends who have been known to utter an 'unusual food boast' a time or two.

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