The Nebraska Cornhuskers have their new head men's basketball coach as the 'Mayor' is off to Lincoln.

Fred Hoiberg has been hired as the next head coach of the Huskers men's basketball team.

He received a seven year deal worth a total of $25 million.

Earlier this week, Nebraska fired Tim Miles and it paved the way for them to go after Hoiberg who was a hot commodity this year after being let go by the Chicago Bulls earlier this season.

Hoiberg had a ton of success at Iowa State and he eventually parlayed that success into a shot as the head coach of the Chicago Bulls.

His tenure with the Bulls didn't go as planned, mainly because of lack of leadership at the top of the organization with terrible decisions made in the construction of the roster giving Hoiberg little chance to succeed.

He will now return the the level that provided him the most success as a head coach.

Nebraska is hoping he can help deliver the first ever NCAA Tournament win for the program and elevate the program as a whole to a new stratosphere.

The Huskers have some great facilities, but it is going to take more than great facilities to make a dent in the hierarchy of the Big 10 because they are far away from being close to the top of the conference.

The state isn't a hot bed of high school basketball talent and considering it is a football school, Hoiberg is going to have to create some magic to take this program to a new level.

The good thing about hiring Hoiberg is he can do it.

He has a passion for winning, he is invested in proving people wrong about why he didn't succeed in Chicago and he will put together a good staff to help him with recruiting.

With Scott Frost running the football program and Fred Hoiberg running the basketball program, Husker fans will at least have a revived sense of optimism about the future of those two programs moving forward.

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