Sioux Falls Police arrested four people in two cars that were chasing each other at a high rate of speed on Friday afternoon.

"We had one car ended up running a red light and almost hit another car,"according to Police Spokesman Sam Clemens. "They called police. As the call was being made they were following our suspect. Another car started chasing the suspect's vehicle and raced around Sioux Falls. They stopped at a couple of stoplights. While at 12th and Western the people got out and started banging on the other car. They took off again and went to a different intersection. At that point, everyone got out of their cars and started fighting and arguing. One group of people pulled out some pepper spray and sprayed the others."

That's when police arrived on scene.

"Officers got there and sorted everything out. They arrested everybody. One of the cars that was chasing the other one had a five month old child in the back seat. Those people were arrested for child endangerment. Basically, everybody went to jail for their part in that."

Officers arrested Jessie Davis and Ashley Davis (both of Humboldt.) Sioux Falls residents Roseanna Andrews and Jonnie Clifford were also arrested. All of then are charged with disorderly conduct.

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